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The Open Digital Education Solution Kit introduces the open standard software to discover, design and deliver ICT enabled learning and teaching for all. OpenDESK enables all teachers to freely install, test, review, and use educational applications that support the competency goals of the basic education for all.

It provides the digital tools and thinking framework to build the school based model on how to shape the computer based learning environment as condition to enhance or to-fill the gaps of teaching and learning.

The open standard software are education-ready application that are free to use and free to copy. The selected open standard software works with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh desktop operating systems.

The computer software stacks provide the study helper and activity builder that are necessary to acquire knowledge and to build skills in writing, reading, mathematics, sciences, and arts. The teachers are free to match the particular educational software to the specific learning outcomes, instructional method, learning content, and learning activity outlined in their lesson plans.

openDESK Project does not sell, resell or license any of the software presented in the openDESK coaching sessions. The software are free to download, to copy, to share, to install, and to use subject to the terms and conditions provided in the freeware and open source licenses.