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Monday, March 5, 2012


QuizFaber will allow you to create easily and rapidly multimedia quizzes in HTML with a JavaScript, embedded in the HTML page. All this is done automatically by the programme, which means that the user doesn't have to know anything about html tags or Javascript. This application, which runs under Windows, is a quiz editor.

QuizFaber create and manage many different types of questions:

1. Questions with multiple choice, only one answer can be the right one.
2. Questions with multiple answers, one or more of which can be right.
3. True or false questions.
4. Question with an open answer, that is to say a text box in which the student can write freely his answer.
5. Gap filling exercises: a phrase with missing words: a text in which some words have been replaced by empty spaces.
6. Matching words: there are two distinguished groups of words placed into two columns. The student will have to associate each word of the first group with one of the second.


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